Discover GudMudFud!

We introduce to you GudMudFud, a new line of vegan ready-made meals, originals, with no additives and with a fully biodegradable packaging. We’ve been working in this concept for a long time and we are excited to, at last, show it to you.

Today we have much less time to cook, or we rather invest that time in other amenities. What is the problem with this? Many of the ready made options we have are unhealthy, highly caloric and contain everything but natural products.

We want to remedy this, so we have launched our recipes, nutrient-rich and 100% naturals. And delicious.

Main features

Single dish, nutritionally complete

The portions in GudMudFud dishes are stablished under the guide developed by the nutrition experts of the Public health School and the editors at Harvard Health Publications, in order to offer healthy and balanced meals.

You can eat it either hot or cold

This makes us timeless dishes, that can be consumed anytime during the year, and wherever you want. We can assure you they are delicious both ways… go ahead! Taste them both hot and cold. And don’t forget to tell us what you think!

They don’t contain no trace at all from any kind of foods other than its main ingredients

They are suitable for coeliacs, allergy sufferers or intolerants to any food and for vegans. You only have to read the ingredients we have used and you don’t have to fear the presence of any trace.

100% vegetal, no additives colourant or preservatives

We only use vegetables to produce our diches. That doesn’t mean at all that only vegans or vegetarians can eat them. We can assure you that if you are omnivorous you will also enjoy them quite a lot.

Eco-friendly packaging

At GudMudFud we are fully commited with the environment. That means not only making recepies that supports this view, all our product has to be eco friendly. This is why we worked hard to find a packaging fully respectfull with our environment.

Original and varied line up

For the time being we have 5 very different recipes, each one with a different inspiration that will take you to some corner of the world. Are you ready to make this journey with us?

The GudMudFud recipes

Our recepies have being designed by the prestigious chef Juan Llorca, who shares our passion for healthy food. He has created 5 very different and flavorful recipes. Is a journey around the world with our dishes. Here you can meet them:

Thai curry: basmati rice with chickpea, green beans, pumpkin and curry with coconut milk.

Mexican bowl: white quinoa with red beans, stir fried tomato with chile, vegetables and jalapenos.

Lebanese rice: long rice with natural tofu dices, zucchini, cauliflower, pistachios and raisins.

Spaguetti bolognese: buckwheat pasta with tomato sauce, mushrooms, red lentils and fresh basil.

Döner to the dish: chickpea tempeh with vegetables, soy yogurt sauce and corn omelette.