GudMudFud is much more than a ready-made meal. This is why we can have a section such as this in our website. We are the only ready-made meal that meets each of the following conditions.

Every year the number of coeliacs in Spain increases. For this reason, every GudMudFud product is suitable to be consumed by coeliacs.

Every GudMudFud product is made solely and exclusively of vegetables. They don’t contain no trace at all from any kind of foods other than its main ingredients, with no additives. Thus, we obtain a way healthier product, rarely seen in ready made meals and in the supermarket sector.

We are commited to the environment, that’s why all of our products come in an eco-friendly packaging. The consumer is increasingly concerned about reducing the waste, and so we do.

We are a unique dish, balanced and nutritionally complete – The portions in our dishes are stablished under the guide developed by the nutrition experts of the Public health School and the editors at Harvard Health Publications, in order to offer healthy and balanced meals.

Carbohydrates 0

ProteinS 0

Fats 0

Fibers 0


“Every time I had to buy a ready made meal I would choose this brand.”

“I would buy them all! I don’t know which is the best, each one is special.”

“Vegan dishes are tasteless, but not in this case.”

“Bring me the dish, I have to repeat!”.